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"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." -James Barrie

"Find joy in the journey now!" -Pres. Thomas S Monson

"Come what may and love it." -Joseph B Worthlin

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AT LAST.......

Hip hooray and skippity doo dah!! We are finally (ok so we have been here for 2 weeks) home in Idaho! Just in time for the holidays! And we are in the middle of negotiations to purchse a condo!! Yay!! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am! It is going to be like Christmas when we move everything out of storage. There is who knows what in there after 3 years! I can't even remember half of what I have! Its gonna be so FUN!!! We got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad's family in Pleasant Grove UT which was a blast! and now we are staying at my mom and dad's and i get to take care of my 3 sick kids (yes Jason is numbered among those) who are down with lovely strep throat. Other than that we are just super happy to be home!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Party

Here are just some random pics from today. We hada our ward halloween party today and we went to barnes and noble for halloween story time and some trick or treating. The pics are in reverse order sorry!!
Lucas getting a slight sugar buzz (he freaked when i took his candy bucket right before this)
Happy with how the ward trunk or treat went and very ready to go home and go to bed!
Ready to go to Barnes and Noble!
Captain Jack (pinkies up :))
Hiiiii-yaaaah says Batman who sometimes calls himself spiderman or superman haha

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So in my opinion win or lose BYU football games are such a blast! Especially when you have an awesome cousin like Brock Richardson who gets you superb tickets and and lets you hang out with him at the fireside and post game! Thank you Brock so very much! You are the greatest!!!! We were able to go to the BYU fireside the night before the game which was incredible, then Brock invited us to come hang out at the hotel. Lucas thought the revolving door was the coolest thing he had ever seen and came really close to getting stuck in it, he definitely kept Jason on his toes the entire time we were there. The morning of the game I got on good old and showed Evie the haka. holy smokes she was instantly obsessed!! she watched it over and over and was so excited when i told her that the team would do it at the game! So you can imagine how excited she was when we got there and our seats were like right on the sidelines at the 10 yard line and the team did the haka right in front of us! she went bonkers!! and she and lucas fell in love with cosmo of course and couldn't give him enough high fives, since he and the cheerleaders were right in front of us also. It was a blast! Sad disappointing game but a blast none the less. And then while we were waiting for Brock by the locker room our friend McKay used our adorable children as an excuse to take pictures with Fui Vakapuna and Harvey Unga. It was so nice to get a little taste of home! i am so ready to come back!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Halloween is just really one of my favorite times of the year! I love fall, the change of colors, the smells, the COLD!!! We have so much fun getting costumes, decorating, painting/carving pumpkins etc. I just LOVE it!! Anywho here are a few fun pics of our antics lately.
Today I bought Lucas's very first pair of cowboy boots!! They were extremely hard to find! I kept thinking "We are in Texas!! they should sell them everywhere!" right? Anyway we went and played at Chuck E Cheese today and he got these cool pirate duds and has been walking around all day like this saying "AAAARRR. I a cowboy! YeeHa!" Somedays I just am not quite sure about this kid !

Evie painted a beautiful pumpkin version of herself and proudly displays it on her dresser where her fish Lily can see it. PS they LOVE these vampire teeth, just in case you couldn't tell.

Evie and Lucas with their awesome pumpkins. I decided after this fun event that I am never painting anything again with a 2 year old since he thought he had to soak up a gallon of paint on his brush before he would even consider using it and then it usually ended up in 1 of his 3 favorite places to put things. 1 his hair 2 his stomach/down his diaper or 3 all over me. 

He also has been wearing these teeth for about a week straight, whenever they are not in evie's mouth they are in his. 

Lucas has been learning and growing so much! His absolute favorite song to sing is I am a Child of God. I went to pick him up in nursery the sunday before conference and the teacher was just beaming and told me that they had sung that song right before the prayer and that he sang right along as loud as he could, and knew every word! We sang it for naps yesterday and after we sang it i rubbed his back and he hummed it with me till he fell asleep. It was so stinkin cute!!!! He is truly a little angel and he tries so hard to be so good. He and Evie have really turned into best buddies, they play so good and always make sure they know where and what the other person is doing! Evie is the best most careful caring big sister! she is so quick to run get me if he is doing something dangerous or naughty. she is getting smarter every day! We were talking the other day about all her wonderful grandma's and she asked how many she has. I said you have 4 great grandmas and 2 grandma grandma's. she sat there for a few minutes and then turned to me and said so i have 6 grandma's. i was  completely blown away!! she is 4!!! i said how did you do that!! and she just said oh i just figured it out. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Adventures of Diaper Head Man

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Dallas Texas there lived a great super hero! By day he was the (sometimes) mild mannered alter ego Lucas Anderson, a perfectly normal 2 year old boy  

Lucas loved to read books

He loved to cheese for the camera

He loved to play at the play area in the mall

and He loved to hug the ginormous Pooh Bear in the Disney Store

 After long days out he would come home and seem to crash with his beautiful sister Evie. But after everyone else was asleep

he would dawn his awesome mask and become.......

Diaper Head Man!! 
He was the fiercest of the fierce, stongest of the strong......oh wait that was just the smell of the other diaper he wears! :) 

Ok so that was my tiny bit of creative spirit for the day! Yay me. So I thought it was hilarious that Lucas walked around all day with a diaper on his head, and I just read my little tale to Evie and at least she laughed her head off. It has been so crazy working and taking care of the kids and the house but just a little extra cash for me to play with has been much worth the time and effort. We are slowly winding down the summer. Jason is doing so awesome! I could never do what he does every day, but I can tell that it is wearing him out. By the time we head home he will be worthy of a nice long vacation from work. We went to the Disney Store the other day and got Evie her awesome Captain Jack Sparrow halloween costume (which she wore ALL day yesterday). Lucas is going to be Batman, he already has jammies with a cape and everything so all we had to do was buy a mask for $1! yay for cheap simple costumes!! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids and Craziness

It has been such a long time since I last blogged!! Things have been insane! Mom came to visit this last week from the 28th of Aug-2 of Sept. It was absolute heaven!!! She was so much fun! I was so lucky she was here because Jason had an emergency with work and I had to take over the Office Manager job and had a lot of catching up to do from the girl who quit so mom was able to just play with the kids while I did hours and hours of paperwork. Now I do paperwork in the morning while Jason takes the kids and I get a little spending money of my own which i LOVE!!!! Also while mom was here I got in my very first car accident ever. Someone tried to turn left in front of me. We were all ok but there was about 8 thousand dollars worth of damage done to the van so I am car-less for a while while it is in the shop. I am also extremely angry with myself because things were so crazy and I did not get one picture while mom was here!!!!! AAARGH! but here are some fun pics of our shenanigans this last sunday.
Me and my beautiful babies! They are getting so big! Evie loves to write and walks around the house copying words from everything. and Lucas is just a boy he gets into anything and everything and is CRAZY!!

Evie loves to stand on the coffee table and sing her guts out! She really gets into it.
Lucas thought wearing this crown around was absolutely hilarious. Evie kept chasing him around saying "Take that off! Boys can't be princesses!!" I guess he sure proved her wrong! Doesn't he look fabulous?!
This picture really does not do the sunset justice. It was one of the reddest most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun in the Tub (cause the sun is too hot :))

The kids LOVE taking baths, especially with each other. They get a little crazy sometimes and it is so much fun to watch them enjoy each other.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This last Monday Evie took her first ice skating lesson! She was so excited it was almost like Christmas! When we met Coach Andrei I think Jason was almost more excited because Andrei is from St Petersburg Russia so he got to use a little Russian. Coach Andrei took her out on the ice and they skated around at first with him in front kind of pulling showing her how to move her feet, then with him in back showing her how to push her skates out to the side to stop from falling (which she only did once! i was so proud!) then he moved next to her holding one hand, and finally he skated behind her only touching her every once in a while when she looked a little wobbly. He would skate away from her and do the stop that kind of sprays ice a few times and make a little snowball and then she would have to skate to it and pick it up. He even made her a snowman to skate to! Pretty soon she was doing it all on her own!! I think this will be a great way for her to work on her balance and get out a little extra energy once a week! And after her lessons Jason goes out and skates with her for a bit. The whole time she was out on the ice Lucas kept yelling " Evie c'mere!" and he had to go touch the ice and watch everything she did. Hopefully when we move back to IF we can find a good teacher at the skating rink there so that she can continue!!  

Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Things That Make My Life Easier

My friend had this posted on her blog and I loved the idea!!! you really have to think and it helps me remember that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy!

1-A good computer with the internet, I can pay my bills, balance my budget, and stay in touch with my family and friends in little to no time at all!! More time to be with my kids and hubby!

2-Having 2 beautiful kids that get along so well! They entertain each other so that I can get other things done!

3-Jason should probably be the #1 thing on my list, He works so hard every day to make my life easier and more enjoyable!! He is amazing!

4-My dishwasher!!! After living at Wymount and having to be my own dishwasher I am all the more grateful to have something to fill up, soap up,  close, turn on and walk away!

5-A good book! What better way to relax and release stress (after the kids are in bed that is :)) 

6-Mango Sorbet! Works the same way as a good book and can be used in conjunction with!!

7-My mom. I love that she is willing to take the time almost everyday to make sure I am doing ok and surviving at home alone with 2 kids under the age of 4 for 10-12 hours a day. :)

8-Almost any food that starts with the letter B-Don't know why but thats about all Lucas will eat. bread blueberries bagels bacon beans butter broccoli 

9-Having a car. this summer Jason has had to take the van a lot. it has been hard!!! getting the kids out of the house is a lot easier when i have the car to take them wherever i need to go and not just let them run around in our tiny back yard till they get bored and too hot in 5 minutes or less!

10-Swim floaties! i love being able to take the kids to the pool to cool off and not have them hanging on me the whole time we are down there. Evie and lucas have been getting braver and braver and it is alot more fun to sit back and watch all the "watch me mommy" moments with the other child in view instead of on top of me :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flowers from Evie

I know i just added a post but Evie drew me the most beautifull flowers i have ever seen and i had to share!!!

Sunday is the BEST!!!!

So Sunday is my official favorite day of the week. Jason is home ALL DAY!!! it is wonderful. the kids are in heaven! they enjoy being with him so much and miss him a lot during the summer when he is gone so much. Lucas has still got an ear infection and Evie is so stuffed up I am worried that she is getting one too. So we spent the day sleeping and writing letters to family. it has been fun. we went to toys r us the other day and evie found a star wars sticker book. we got it as a present for her and jason to put together together and they have had a lot of fun. it has like 600 stickers or something and tells about all the characters and stuff so they have been putting together like one page a day. lately when i lay by lucas in his bed at nap time he loves to run his  fingers through my hair till he falls asleep. it is so cute!!! last night he konked out so hard though!!! it was hilarious!! i walked in to this.........

He is fast asleep face planted in Pooh with his sippy cup firmly grasped in his other hand (trust me i tried to remove it, when i say firmly i mean firmly!!) silly little goober!
So we went to see "the dark knight" last night and i really really enjoyed it! i kind of felt like maybe a little bit of the message was that no matter how bad things get, there is always a little good out there somewhere, not necessarily meaning Batman but even like the convict on the boat that threw the bomb switch out the window. that was one of my favorite parts of the movie, along with the rest of the end really. anyway i will just leave you with a few silly pics of the kids writing their letters today!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just a little post bathtime silliness!

Well we finally did it! Lucas is officially a big boy! he has slept in his very own "big boy bed" for 2 nights in a row! ok we tried it once before, sometime like last week i think, and he probably would have been ok but he fell out of bed. now he didn't even wake up and probably would have been fine, but i am a nervous wreck of a mommy sometimes and so i stuck him back in his pack and play for the rest of the night. After that and after finding out that he had a huge double ear infection we left that alone till 2 nights ago and tada!!! plus i got a lovely little bed rail! now he can sleep soundly IN his bed and i can sleep soundly not worrying about whether or not he is! 
Today he is even napping in his bed!! I was so amazed! usually i have to be in there every 5 seconds saying lay down lay down lay down lay down. but this afternoon he fell asleep in like 2 minutes and i didn't even have to ask him to lay down once! sob! i am so proud right now :) so proud in fact that of course i had to get footage AND i am going to share it! 

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My attempt at an online business PLEASE HELP!!!

So I am kind of attempting to start an online business via word of mouth, e-mail, blogging, and facebook. haha we will see how this goes! first and foremost i will be making baby/mommy bracelets namely in 4 categories: name, birthstone, blessing, and holiday. although there will be tons of combinations of the 4 available. so now that you and i both know what i am selling i need a name for my "store" any and all suggestions are more than welcome in fact begged for!!! i am at a creative loss here!! PLEASE HELP! :) here are a few little samples of what i am coming up with so far and any suggestions and/or comments would be very welcome also! Thanks everyone!!!

 This is the beginnings of what blessing bracelets will look like. made from freshwater pearls, glass beads, and little plastic metal beads (i have sterling silver ones coming in the mail so that is not permanent) 
 This is a sample of a birthstone bracelet. Made with sapphire 4mm swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, glass beads, and again with the cheap-o plastic metal beads that will not be in existence                                                        for long
This is a sample of a fun name bracelet, they will come in fun bright colored glass beads like this one, and as soon as i get the rest of my beads in the mail will also be classier with sterling silver lettering and some swarovski crystals mixed in.

As soon as I get the rest of my beads in the mail and have a name I will be setting up another blog that will have a link in  the top right corner of this blog. I appreciate any and all help and support that you will give!!! WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are so excited to be back in the picture business!! We have just gone kinda crazy today!!! so here are some highlights of our day which include but were definitely not limited to buying fish for the kids Evie's fish is named Lily and Lucas's is Lightning (big surprise there) Evie dressed herself this morning, Lucas has fallen in love with cheesing for the camera, the ginourmous spider that was on our neighbors air conditioner (turns out it wasn't even real but till  you got like 5 inches away it sure looked real) Lucas kickin it in the stroller while Evie got to swim with friends, he had to sit out cause he has a lovely massive double ear infection, Evie enjoying her Buffalo Wild Wings (if ya haven't tried the place find one and try it AMAZING!!!) and finally sleepy time, i don't know who was more ready for them to be in bed them or me :) also we are 99.9% sure we are staying in this part of the country at least till the end of November (i am pushing for Thankgiving at Sea World San Antonio on the way home :)) we will see i guess.