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Saturday, October 18, 2008


So in my opinion win or lose BYU football games are such a blast! Especially when you have an awesome cousin like Brock Richardson who gets you superb tickets and and lets you hang out with him at the fireside and post game! Thank you Brock so very much! You are the greatest!!!! We were able to go to the BYU fireside the night before the game which was incredible, then Brock invited us to come hang out at the hotel. Lucas thought the revolving door was the coolest thing he had ever seen and came really close to getting stuck in it, he definitely kept Jason on his toes the entire time we were there. The morning of the game I got on good old and showed Evie the haka. holy smokes she was instantly obsessed!! she watched it over and over and was so excited when i told her that the team would do it at the game! So you can imagine how excited she was when we got there and our seats were like right on the sidelines at the 10 yard line and the team did the haka right in front of us! she went bonkers!! and she and lucas fell in love with cosmo of course and couldn't give him enough high fives, since he and the cheerleaders were right in front of us also. It was a blast! Sad disappointing game but a blast none the less. And then while we were waiting for Brock by the locker room our friend McKay used our adorable children as an excuse to take pictures with Fui Vakapuna and Harvey Unga. It was so nice to get a little taste of home! i am so ready to come back!

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The Feely Crew said...

I love sporting events!!! That is fun you got to go to all the other activities too. Revolving doors and toddlers now that is a great idea for a blog post!