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Friday, October 10, 2008


Halloween is just really one of my favorite times of the year! I love fall, the change of colors, the smells, the COLD!!! We have so much fun getting costumes, decorating, painting/carving pumpkins etc. I just LOVE it!! Anywho here are a few fun pics of our antics lately.
Today I bought Lucas's very first pair of cowboy boots!! They were extremely hard to find! I kept thinking "We are in Texas!! they should sell them everywhere!" right? Anyway we went and played at Chuck E Cheese today and he got these cool pirate duds and has been walking around all day like this saying "AAAARRR. I a cowboy! YeeHa!" Somedays I just am not quite sure about this kid !

Evie painted a beautiful pumpkin version of herself and proudly displays it on her dresser where her fish Lily can see it. PS they LOVE these vampire teeth, just in case you couldn't tell.

Evie and Lucas with their awesome pumpkins. I decided after this fun event that I am never painting anything again with a 2 year old since he thought he had to soak up a gallon of paint on his brush before he would even consider using it and then it usually ended up in 1 of his 3 favorite places to put things. 1 his hair 2 his stomach/down his diaper or 3 all over me. 

He also has been wearing these teeth for about a week straight, whenever they are not in evie's mouth they are in his. 

Lucas has been learning and growing so much! His absolute favorite song to sing is I am a Child of God. I went to pick him up in nursery the sunday before conference and the teacher was just beaming and told me that they had sung that song right before the prayer and that he sang right along as loud as he could, and knew every word! We sang it for naps yesterday and after we sang it i rubbed his back and he hummed it with me till he fell asleep. It was so stinkin cute!!!! He is truly a little angel and he tries so hard to be so good. He and Evie have really turned into best buddies, they play so good and always make sure they know where and what the other person is doing! Evie is the best most careful caring big sister! she is so quick to run get me if he is doing something dangerous or naughty. she is getting smarter every day! We were talking the other day about all her wonderful grandma's and she asked how many she has. I said you have 4 great grandmas and 2 grandma grandma's. she sat there for a few minutes and then turned to me and said so i have 6 grandma's. i was  completely blown away!! she is 4!!! i said how did you do that!! and she just said oh i just figured it out. :)


Summers Family said...


I, along with my family, love the Pymm's, you will have to tell them hello as well! I love Fall too, it is actually my favorite time of year! You have a very cute little family! Your little girl is a min Janene with curly hair!! Good to hear from you, hope you dont mind if I drop in every now and then!!

Pete and Em said...

Hey nene! Those are some artistic pumpkins.. I can't believe you are doing that already LOL. I guess it is warmer so maybe they last a bit longer. I think when we get our pumpkins we will stick to our potato head pieces we found last year. Guess they are pumpkin head pieces but it is the same deal.

The Feely Crew said...

What fun! You little one are so funny and precious and its no wonder with the two of you as parents. I love the teeth too. How hilarious is that?! Keep the Halloween fun rolling!