Inspiring Quotes

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." -James Barrie

"Find joy in the journey now!" -Pres. Thomas S Monson

"Come what may and love it." -Joseph B Worthlin

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun in the Tub (cause the sun is too hot :))

The kids LOVE taking baths, especially with each other. They get a little crazy sometimes and it is so much fun to watch them enjoy each other.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This last Monday Evie took her first ice skating lesson! She was so excited it was almost like Christmas! When we met Coach Andrei I think Jason was almost more excited because Andrei is from St Petersburg Russia so he got to use a little Russian. Coach Andrei took her out on the ice and they skated around at first with him in front kind of pulling showing her how to move her feet, then with him in back showing her how to push her skates out to the side to stop from falling (which she only did once! i was so proud!) then he moved next to her holding one hand, and finally he skated behind her only touching her every once in a while when she looked a little wobbly. He would skate away from her and do the stop that kind of sprays ice a few times and make a little snowball and then she would have to skate to it and pick it up. He even made her a snowman to skate to! Pretty soon she was doing it all on her own!! I think this will be a great way for her to work on her balance and get out a little extra energy once a week! And after her lessons Jason goes out and skates with her for a bit. The whole time she was out on the ice Lucas kept yelling " Evie c'mere!" and he had to go touch the ice and watch everything she did. Hopefully when we move back to IF we can find a good teacher at the skating rink there so that she can continue!!  

Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Things That Make My Life Easier

My friend had this posted on her blog and I loved the idea!!! you really have to think and it helps me remember that Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be happy!

1-A good computer with the internet, I can pay my bills, balance my budget, and stay in touch with my family and friends in little to no time at all!! More time to be with my kids and hubby!

2-Having 2 beautiful kids that get along so well! They entertain each other so that I can get other things done!

3-Jason should probably be the #1 thing on my list, He works so hard every day to make my life easier and more enjoyable!! He is amazing!

4-My dishwasher!!! After living at Wymount and having to be my own dishwasher I am all the more grateful to have something to fill up, soap up,  close, turn on and walk away!

5-A good book! What better way to relax and release stress (after the kids are in bed that is :)) 

6-Mango Sorbet! Works the same way as a good book and can be used in conjunction with!!

7-My mom. I love that she is willing to take the time almost everyday to make sure I am doing ok and surviving at home alone with 2 kids under the age of 4 for 10-12 hours a day. :)

8-Almost any food that starts with the letter B-Don't know why but thats about all Lucas will eat. bread blueberries bagels bacon beans butter broccoli 

9-Having a car. this summer Jason has had to take the van a lot. it has been hard!!! getting the kids out of the house is a lot easier when i have the car to take them wherever i need to go and not just let them run around in our tiny back yard till they get bored and too hot in 5 minutes or less!

10-Swim floaties! i love being able to take the kids to the pool to cool off and not have them hanging on me the whole time we are down there. Evie and lucas have been getting braver and braver and it is alot more fun to sit back and watch all the "watch me mommy" moments with the other child in view instead of on top of me :)