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"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." -James Barrie

"Find joy in the journey now!" -Pres. Thomas S Monson

"Come what may and love it." -Joseph B Worthlin

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Will Flip for Food

I will send $.50 to anyone who can hear well enough to figure out what movie Lucas is half zoned in on while performing his fabulous flips ( i seriously was worried he was going to break his neck with his face being planted in the couch cushion with his feet flying over top) 

Parks, Puff Paint and Parties!!! (even a little free food!!)

Ok so this is so super 80's, but I used to LOVE decorating things with puff paint. Do you remember that stuff? Well i decided the other day that my kids would probably love the stuff as much as I did and I was soooooo RIGHT!! We had a blast decorating their shirts! The kids were super creative and I think the shirts turned out GREAT!!!!
EVIE'S fabulous shirt has loads of SPARKLE and lots of FLOWERS! i LOVE how well she writes her name! She is SO ready for Kindergarten!
LUCAS had a blast putting the puff paint on his hands and slapping them down on the shirt! I drew Mater under his name and he promptly SMEARED him to smithereens!

We are a HAPPY family!!!
If you haven't read my last post, it explains the absolute NEED for a party for my awesome HUSBAND! He is absolutely amazing! We threw him a fun WELCOME HOME DAD party with these fun decorations, some bite sized pies, cards from the kids, and a shnazzy new PARKER ball point pen! GREAT JOB BABE!!
We have a super great PARK nearby and its right next to the library so we are there A LOT! 
Here is just a fun photo montage of some of our FAVORITE things to do there!

Last night, thanks to the hard work of all the sales reps in the office, we had a company paid dinner!! YAY!!! i LOVE to eat out! however the guys always get home so LATE that these dinners are at like 11 PM!! So we woke the kids up to go ;) I was NOT going to miss out on FREE food! So the kids were good sports and woke up just long enough to get settled at the restaurant and then crashed! It was WONDERFUL!!! I got to eat and talk to other ADULTS in peace and I didn't even have to worry about hiring a BABYSITTER!!!! Thanks you APX!!!!


NASHVILLE, TN - Jason Anderson started working for the the alarm business in 2005, working for APX. After his first year he switched over to another company and was there for the past three years, even managing last year. After a bad experience with the other company, Anderson returned this year to APX, the prodigal son.

Anderson is now part of the Nashville office and led the office last week and this week in families protected. The first three weeks Anderson only averaged one a week. However, last week and this week Anderson has protected 10 families.

Protecting families isn’t the only way Anderson has shown initiative. This week Anderson held training for first year reps to help them with door approaches before the daily meeting. He did this on his own accord.

Yes, APX’s prodigal son has returned.
This is an article APX ran on their website for their sales reps. Can I just say that I am so stinkin proud of my hubby!!!! Jason has really been pushing himself the last couple of weeks and it is paying off!! He is doing better than EVER before and if he is able to keep up his momentum this will be our best summer ever!! He has had massive adversity including super bad allergies, ticks, and a whiny needy wife :) but he has overcome and right now is #1 in our office for sales, #3 in our region, and #119 in the entire company. Now that is out of like 2500 sales reps so in my opinion that is pretty freakin awesome!!!! I don't think I have ever been prouder to be married to such an amazing hard working husband! and I just have to brag about it :) 

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bubbles and Rain Showers

So we figured out that here in Tennessee when it rains it POURS!!!!! it is insane!! i have never seen rain like here. It is like someone is dumping a bucket of water above us. You walk outside and you are soaked in 5 seconds literally. so evie has figured out that when its raining and the wind is blowing the rain comes in on the balcony and makes a "shower" so every time it rains now she and lucas have to go out and have "rain showers" they have so much fun!!

also i broke the kids the news yesterday that we are not going to be able to go home for BJ and Renee's wedding :( i am so so upset and sad about this! i have been crying for days!  i knew the kids would take it pretty hard because we have been talking about it since we came out here and we were all looking so forward to it! so i went to walmart to get the kids each a little something to help soften the blow. they were still disappointed but the awesome little bubble blowers i got for them proved a nice distraction. they had a lot of fun with them yesterday! in fact they had so much fun that i have to run out and buy more bubbles today cause they used them all up yesterday. 
also yesterday we watched the movie "hotel for dogs". pretty cute little flick and evie loved it, but there is a really sad part and evie had her first real emotional movie experience! it was so cute! sad but cute! she was watching the movie and the sad part came on while i was on the phone with my mom. anyway i looked over and she had the funniest look on her face and i said "are you ok sweetie?" and she burst into tears and threw herself into my lap sobbing "its making me saaaaaad!!" i was laughing so hard, mean old mom that i am! it was so cute and she has never really had such an emotional connection to a movie before!! i was trying to explain what happened to my mom in between laughing and my wailing 5 year old, needless to say she couldn't really understand what i was trying to tell her the first few times i attempted. anyways thats about all i have to say at the moment.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finger Painting Fun!

We have had the most beautiful weather here the past 2 weeks and decided we needed to take advantage of it! We cut in half a big piece of poster paper, filled plates with fingerpaint, went out on the balcony and had a blast (parts of my balcony are even painted :)) Good thing we did it that day cause our warm weather has been turned into rainy mucky blah the whole week since :) i will have to post pics later of evie's new fave "swimming suit rain showers" on the balcony. 
evie and her beautiful finger painting

mr blue face
lucas's awesome finger painting

colorful hands!

Lucas gave himself a pretty cool bright blue mohawk! whenever he has anything on his hands that he wants off this is where it goes! crazy kid!