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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parks, Puff Paint and Parties!!! (even a little free food!!)

Ok so this is so super 80's, but I used to LOVE decorating things with puff paint. Do you remember that stuff? Well i decided the other day that my kids would probably love the stuff as much as I did and I was soooooo RIGHT!! We had a blast decorating their shirts! The kids were super creative and I think the shirts turned out GREAT!!!!
EVIE'S fabulous shirt has loads of SPARKLE and lots of FLOWERS! i LOVE how well she writes her name! She is SO ready for Kindergarten!
LUCAS had a blast putting the puff paint on his hands and slapping them down on the shirt! I drew Mater under his name and he promptly SMEARED him to smithereens!

We are a HAPPY family!!!
If you haven't read my last post, it explains the absolute NEED for a party for my awesome HUSBAND! He is absolutely amazing! We threw him a fun WELCOME HOME DAD party with these fun decorations, some bite sized pies, cards from the kids, and a shnazzy new PARKER ball point pen! GREAT JOB BABE!!
We have a super great PARK nearby and its right next to the library so we are there A LOT! 
Here is just a fun photo montage of some of our FAVORITE things to do there!

Last night, thanks to the hard work of all the sales reps in the office, we had a company paid dinner!! YAY!!! i LOVE to eat out! however the guys always get home so LATE that these dinners are at like 11 PM!! So we woke the kids up to go ;) I was NOT going to miss out on FREE food! So the kids were good sports and woke up just long enough to get settled at the restaurant and then crashed! It was WONDERFUL!!! I got to eat and talk to other ADULTS in peace and I didn't even have to worry about hiring a BABYSITTER!!!! Thanks you APX!!!!

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The Allens said...

Yeah for puff paints!! I think I am going to try some too. Thanks for the fun idea.Sorry that you missed BJs wedding, that would be hard, I hope you are feeling better.