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Sunday, May 24, 2009


NASHVILLE, TN - Jason Anderson started working for the the alarm business in 2005, working for APX. After his first year he switched over to another company and was there for the past three years, even managing last year. After a bad experience with the other company, Anderson returned this year to APX, the prodigal son.

Anderson is now part of the Nashville office and led the office last week and this week in families protected. The first three weeks Anderson only averaged one a week. However, last week and this week Anderson has protected 10 families.

Protecting families isn’t the only way Anderson has shown initiative. This week Anderson held training for first year reps to help them with door approaches before the daily meeting. He did this on his own accord.

Yes, APX’s prodigal son has returned.
This is an article APX ran on their website for their sales reps. Can I just say that I am so stinkin proud of my hubby!!!! Jason has really been pushing himself the last couple of weeks and it is paying off!! He is doing better than EVER before and if he is able to keep up his momentum this will be our best summer ever!! He has had massive adversity including super bad allergies, ticks, and a whiny needy wife :) but he has overcome and right now is #1 in our office for sales, #3 in our region, and #119 in the entire company. Now that is out of like 2500 sales reps so in my opinion that is pretty freakin awesome!!!! I don't think I have ever been prouder to be married to such an amazing hard working husband! and I just have to brag about it :) 

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