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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This last Monday Evie took her first ice skating lesson! She was so excited it was almost like Christmas! When we met Coach Andrei I think Jason was almost more excited because Andrei is from St Petersburg Russia so he got to use a little Russian. Coach Andrei took her out on the ice and they skated around at first with him in front kind of pulling showing her how to move her feet, then with him in back showing her how to push her skates out to the side to stop from falling (which she only did once! i was so proud!) then he moved next to her holding one hand, and finally he skated behind her only touching her every once in a while when she looked a little wobbly. He would skate away from her and do the stop that kind of sprays ice a few times and make a little snowball and then she would have to skate to it and pick it up. He even made her a snowman to skate to! Pretty soon she was doing it all on her own!! I think this will be a great way for her to work on her balance and get out a little extra energy once a week! And after her lessons Jason goes out and skates with her for a bit. The whole time she was out on the ice Lucas kept yelling " Evie c'mere!" and he had to go touch the ice and watch everything she did. Hopefully when we move back to IF we can find a good teacher at the skating rink there so that she can continue!!  


Jessica W said...

How fun! You guys look like you're having a great summer!

Celeste said...

oh my goodness, just wait till she gets to the point where she gets to wear the fun little outfits! She will be in heaven & feeling like a princess! I loved ice skating, that's one of my great regrets, that I quit after I broke my leg. I'm such a loser.

The Dipo's said...

That is so great! I never learned how to ice skate and we have like 4 year-round ice rinks here in the valley. Dang, I think I am going to put Noah in them this year. Thanks for the idea! (I finially linked with your blog, but where is your link to your bracelet/necklace blog?)

The Dipo's said...

Nevermind, I see it now. :o)