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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Adventures of Diaper Head Man

Once upon a time in a land far far away called Dallas Texas there lived a great super hero! By day he was the (sometimes) mild mannered alter ego Lucas Anderson, a perfectly normal 2 year old boy  

Lucas loved to read books

He loved to cheese for the camera

He loved to play at the play area in the mall

and He loved to hug the ginormous Pooh Bear in the Disney Store

 After long days out he would come home and seem to crash with his beautiful sister Evie. But after everyone else was asleep

he would dawn his awesome mask and become.......

Diaper Head Man!! 
He was the fiercest of the fierce, stongest of the strong......oh wait that was just the smell of the other diaper he wears! :) 

Ok so that was my tiny bit of creative spirit for the day! Yay me. So I thought it was hilarious that Lucas walked around all day with a diaper on his head, and I just read my little tale to Evie and at least she laughed her head off. It has been so crazy working and taking care of the kids and the house but just a little extra cash for me to play with has been much worth the time and effort. We are slowly winding down the summer. Jason is doing so awesome! I could never do what he does every day, but I can tell that it is wearing him out. By the time we head home he will be worthy of a nice long vacation from work. We went to the Disney Store the other day and got Evie her awesome Captain Jack Sparrow halloween costume (which she wore ALL day yesterday). Lucas is going to be Batman, he already has jammies with a cape and everything so all we had to do was buy a mask for $1! yay for cheap simple costumes!! 


Pete and Em said...

Pete bought a jack sparrow costume for Jackson last year at the Disney Store in Portland. I think he is wearing it again this year... Batman sounds easy... Funny thing is I might be trick or treating with the same two characters.LOL

The Feely Crew said...

You guys are so hilarious!!! Is that a real spider??? I thought is was fake until I read the part about Texas. I hope I am not advertising how gulible I am.

Celeste said...

beaners, this is awesome! I was laughing my head off! I need to come 'nuggle your kids!
Love you!

E/S MILLER said...
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E/S MILLER said...

Janene, Grandpa and I love reading your blog! Can gg-children be this darnned cute? Evie and Lucas are blessed beyond measure in having you and Jason as their parents! Keep up the good work on the home-front. We could not be prouder of you!! Love ya! Grandma and Grandpa (the "Taiwan Temple Duo")

Jessica W said...

oh my goodness your kids are adorable! I miss seeing you! i hope you're doing well!