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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids and Craziness

It has been such a long time since I last blogged!! Things have been insane! Mom came to visit this last week from the 28th of Aug-2 of Sept. It was absolute heaven!!! She was so much fun! I was so lucky she was here because Jason had an emergency with work and I had to take over the Office Manager job and had a lot of catching up to do from the girl who quit so mom was able to just play with the kids while I did hours and hours of paperwork. Now I do paperwork in the morning while Jason takes the kids and I get a little spending money of my own which i LOVE!!!! Also while mom was here I got in my very first car accident ever. Someone tried to turn left in front of me. We were all ok but there was about 8 thousand dollars worth of damage done to the van so I am car-less for a while while it is in the shop. I am also extremely angry with myself because things were so crazy and I did not get one picture while mom was here!!!!! AAARGH! but here are some fun pics of our shenanigans this last sunday.
Me and my beautiful babies! They are getting so big! Evie loves to write and walks around the house copying words from everything. and Lucas is just a boy he gets into anything and everything and is CRAZY!!

Evie loves to stand on the coffee table and sing her guts out! She really gets into it.
Lucas thought wearing this crown around was absolutely hilarious. Evie kept chasing him around saying "Take that off! Boys can't be princesses!!" I guess he sure proved her wrong! Doesn't he look fabulous?!
This picture really does not do the sunset justice. It was one of the reddest most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


Pete and Em said...

I am almost jealous, I miss hanging with your mom LOL! Those are some dang cute kids though. I think your job sounds cool. I thought about something like that for awhile. You need to call me so we can catch up. I miss yas.

chelseamgood said...

Your kids are so cute! Heather goes around singing at the top of her lungs too! Matthew just does whatever his sister is doing! I am glad you had fun with your mom. Sorry about the car accident. I hate it when stuff like that happens! I hope you get your van back soon!

Boyack Family said...

That's great that your mom got to hang out! So you've got to come see my blog and check out pictures of my newest little one - Evelyn Kinsley. We've both got adorable little Evie's - who would've thunk it?! It was the only name Rob and I liked and agreed on. . . Your kids are so cute! I loved "the intsy wintsy spider"
Later, Natalie.

Aly said...

I can't believe how big they are getting! They are so cute. I was with your dad when you called about the accident. I'm glad that everyone is ok. Thinking of you lots!

The Feely Crew said...

You guys make crazy look like tons of fun!!! Your kids are just cute and I can't believe how big Evie is. I'm glad everone is okay from your accident. Carless is no fun.