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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We are so excited to be back in the picture business!! We have just gone kinda crazy today!!! so here are some highlights of our day which include but were definitely not limited to buying fish for the kids Evie's fish is named Lily and Lucas's is Lightning (big surprise there) Evie dressed herself this morning, Lucas has fallen in love with cheesing for the camera, the ginourmous spider that was on our neighbors air conditioner (turns out it wasn't even real but till  you got like 5 inches away it sure looked real) Lucas kickin it in the stroller while Evie got to swim with friends, he had to sit out cause he has a lovely massive double ear infection, Evie enjoying her Buffalo Wild Wings (if ya haven't tried the place find one and try it AMAZING!!!) and finally sleepy time, i don't know who was more ready for them to be in bed them or me :) also we are 99.9% sure we are staying in this part of the country at least till the end of November (i am pushing for Thankgiving at Sea World San Antonio on the way home :)) we will see i guess. 


Jen said...

It's so good to see your smooshies and hear how you are. Kayson and I went to a concert in the park yesterday and out of nowhere was like,"Mom, I think that Evie should come too." YEAH, talk about BrEaKiNg my heart!!!! We miss you guys too!!!

Celeste said...

oh my land, your kids are getting tooooo big! I am so glad you love your camera, maybe try to not get it wet though! :P That spider would have made me pee myself. Anyway, that's awesome that you are staying so long, at least for me, I can probably swing a visit much easier that way!!! Yeah!

Sabrina said...

So, I didn't realize you'd changed your blog site until I was randomly looking on Facebook, which I actually rarely do. I am glad I found it. It's fun to see how much your kids have already grown, especially Lucas. It looks like you guys are having fun!

Pete and Em said...

Nene, You have such adorable kids.. and they are getting so big. Where are you guys now? LOL should read your blog more. Just found it actually - emailed you the address to mine. We need to catch up!

chelseamgood said...

Your kids are so beautiful!!!!