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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just a little post bathtime silliness!

Well we finally did it! Lucas is officially a big boy! he has slept in his very own "big boy bed" for 2 nights in a row! ok we tried it once before, sometime like last week i think, and he probably would have been ok but he fell out of bed. now he didn't even wake up and probably would have been fine, but i am a nervous wreck of a mommy sometimes and so i stuck him back in his pack and play for the rest of the night. After that and after finding out that he had a huge double ear infection we left that alone till 2 nights ago and tada!!! plus i got a lovely little bed rail! now he can sleep soundly IN his bed and i can sleep soundly not worrying about whether or not he is! 
Today he is even napping in his bed!! I was so amazed! usually i have to be in there every 5 seconds saying lay down lay down lay down lay down. but this afternoon he fell asleep in like 2 minutes and i didn't even have to ask him to lay down once! sob! i am so proud right now :) so proud in fact that of course i had to get footage AND i am going to share it! 


Kevin said...
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Jen said...

Sorry that was me that deleted the comment. For some reason it wa coming up that Kevin said it instead of me and we COULDN'T have that now could we. Anyway, on to my comment...YEAH LUKY!!!!! He looks like such a big boy already =(. Where does the time go eh?