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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AT LAST.......

Hip hooray and skippity doo dah!! We are finally (ok so we have been here for 2 weeks) home in Idaho! Just in time for the holidays! And we are in the middle of negotiations to purchse a condo!! Yay!! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am! It is going to be like Christmas when we move everything out of storage. There is who knows what in there after 3 years! I can't even remember half of what I have! Its gonna be so FUN!!! We got to spend Thanksgiving with my dad's family in Pleasant Grove UT which was a blast! and now we are staying at my mom and dad's and i get to take care of my 3 sick kids (yes Jason is numbered among those) who are down with lovely strep throat. Other than that we are just super happy to be home!


The Feely Crew said...

Dang Rotten luck on being sick!! That is never fun. Congrats on the Condo! That is so great.

Summers Family said...

Congrats Janine!! You'll have to post some pics! Hope Christmas was nice!