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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I really don't have a lot to say today. Just a few pictures and one silly story. So here are the pictures......
A small sample of the wonderful variety of ENORMOUS bugs we have been so fortunate as to encounter here in Nashville, and no thats NOT a spider thank goodness!!!
The bird aviary at the zoo.
Feeding the birds nectar.

Evie actually let me braid all of her hair in small braids and when we took it out the next morning it was SO cute!! Unfortunately she wouldn't let me take an "after" photo. Stinker!!
She has an endless supply of silly faces :) ok maybe she has an endless supply of THIS silly face :)
We LOVE the park up the street called Red Caboose Park and they have family concerts every Friday night during the summer. This one was fun cause the guy sang kids songs. He really encouraged the kids to get up in front of the stage and jump around, dance, and sing with him! It was fun! The kids loved it AND best of all.....They completely wore themselves out and crasahed HARD when we got home!!! YAY!!! Smart mommy :)
Are we having fun yet?
Rolling down the hill during the rolly polly potato bug song!
More hill rolling. It was hard to get them to stop once they got going :)
This song entitled "Sing Loud, Jump Hi, Dream Big!" had the kids going mosh pit style with this guy in front of the stage. The whole time I was having visions of Evie 12 years from now at some wild concert thinking "hey this is cool! i've done this before! no sweat!" or something like that! what am i teaching my children?!?!!
The beginning of the afore mentioned song. Evie and Lucas are on the left edge of the group, I zoom in on them kind of after a minute. Alas these are my video recording skills haha, or should I say the lack thereof :)
Now for the quick funny story! Lucas is getting in a HORRIBLE habit called "nose picking major" habit. Drives me NUTS!!! Anyway on Sunday we pull in from church, Jason goes around to get Lucas out, and Lucas has both hands going up both nostrils!! I mean the kid is diggin for gold in his BRAIN!!! Anyway Jason swats his hands away and says "thats really gross bud" as he pulls him out of the car and sets him on the sidewalk. Lucas turns around and says" No Dad! I like to eat them!! Boogers are my FAVORITE!" Shoves his fingers BACK up his nose and turns around and walks away!! I was almost on the pavement in my Sunday dress I was laughing so hard!! Well I don't know what the plan is to get him to stop, or even if I have one, but at least I got one good laugh from the disgusting-ness that is called nose picking :) Even my dad laughed when I told him that, and thats saying something, cause he doesn't laugh at the silly "kid" stories I call to tell him :) Either that or he is going deaf and can't hear me very well jk dad :)

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