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Monday, July 6, 2009


Happy 4th of July 2 days late! :) I am so grateful for the opportunity to live in this great country and for the many freedoms we have been blessed with! I am so in awe of those who are willing to give it all for their country! Thank you so much to all those who have served to protect my rights and freedoms! I am so PROUD to be an American!!
The original plans I had for the 4th fell through and I really didn't want to take the kids any place super busy alone!! But I (wo)manned up and went out anyway and I am so so glad I did!! I had such a great time with the kids! They were super good and so much fun to be with! We went to Franklin TN, supposedly the "Beverly Hills" of the Nashville area (fyi Miley Cyrus and her family used to attend the firework show there when they lived in TN ooooooh). Anyway they had a super fun street fair there! Tons of stuff to do and see, live music, and lots of yummy eats!! Here is a little photo montage of our day and a few random extras :)

Evie the fashionista!! Jason brought the kids home popcorn from Transformers and Evie immediately thought skirt!! I never would have imagined!! :)
The Cone of Shame! This will make sense to those of you who have seen Disney Pixars UP! Everyone are missing out so just go see the movie already!!!!
Lucas having his face painted at the fair! He was so good and held so still and the results were so worth the wait!!!
Dunnuh dunnuh dunnuh dunnuh BATMAN!!!!
My beautiful angel face!! Can you believe this is my baby!? She is growing up way to fast!
The kids had a ton of fun at the petting zoo! Can you believe the size of that pig?!
This goat had crazy horns! They grew twisted together! Weird!
Evie's favorite to feed was the donkey! It followed her all around!
A very sleepy happy smudgy Batman on the way home :) Looks a little more like the Joker now haha
So my computer is being weird and won't let me comment under some of the pics but oh well! :) The picture above this is the Fabulous Hudson Hornet! When Lucas saw this car he about died! "Mom its Doc Hudson!! Mom Mom Mom!!!! Doc Hudson!!" (Doc Hudson is a character in the movie CARS btw) So of course we had to take a picture with "Doc Hudson"

The gorgeous Nashville TN temple! I wanted to take some pics of the kids on the grounds but it was all gated and locked up! :( Maybe next time!

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