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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok so it is not quite Lucas's birthday but since we are going to be traveling home on his REAL birthday next week we had a big party with all our friends here! It was so much fun! We have really made some fun friends and have been so blessed this summer! So I stayed up super late yesterday to finish this cake and i LOVED it! and then I had to ruin it by writing on it :) jk i still thought it turned out pretty good for an amateur. Anyways here are a few pics from the party.

Evie pretending to be the "cake monster"!!!!
El Cake-ito :) Almost done!!!!
The finished product!!!
All the friends singing happy birthday! (ok not all we had like 15 more people there but these are all the really important ones jk :))
Lots of candle blowing help! and it was very needed :) everyone got a little "piece" of lucas on their cupcake he he!

My baby boy! you are (almost) 3!
You have been such a light in our lives!
You always have such a happy smile and a big hug for everyone!
You are such a blessing and a joy!
I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent you to me!
You are so good and brave!
You are so kind to your sister and so loving to all those around you!
You are so good at sharing (most the time)!
I am so proud to call you my son and I LOVE YOU!
Happy Birthday Buddy!!


Chelsea said...

CUTE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Celeste said...

Janene! How fun! and the cuppies turned out awesome!! did you text me for a recipe or did I just dream it, life has been a total blur lately, I'm so sorry that I didn't respond. SOOOO excited to see you! I cannot believe he is (almost) 3! Crazy! Give him lots of birthday kisses for me!

Jodie said...

what a fun cake janene! it seems like yesterday that we celebrating his 2nd birthday. time really does fly! happy birthday Lucas! hope you travel home safely.

MaurLo said...

Janene, This is MaurLo...and I found your blog on Meieli's homepage and I just wanted to say hi. Your kids are darling! So fun to see pictures and to see that you are doing great. I don't have a blog...but email me sometime if you ever get a chance. M

PS-Awesome cake!