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Monday, October 5, 2009

Its Been A Long Time Comin

I have not blogged in forever and I guess this will just be a super short update, no pics or anything. I am 15 weeks pregnant!! Yay! I have been massively sick. Bleck. But still I am super excited to have this baby! Both kids say its a sister so they will probably get a brother haha. We have been waiting a long time for this! We have all been home together for about a month. It has been super nice having Jason home! Evie is loving kindergarten when she is not bored :) she is learning so fast and is already starting to read on her own! Lucas is in the process of getting ready to potty train, i am pushing him to hard i think cause he is NOT interested, the stinker! Anyways thats about all I have to say! hopefully I will have some pictures and stuff soon!


Sabrina said...

Congratulations. I hope you start feeling better soon. That first trimester is rough!

Chelsea said...


Pete and Em said...

Awesome!Except you already told me lol! Boys are tough to potty train unless they want to, good luck with that. You will get through it and we will have to do lunch soon!

Boyack Family said...

Yea! Another little anderson! Congrats!!

Jason McIntyre said...

Hey we are ssoso excited for you, this is fantastc news! we miss and love you guys! love the mcintyres!