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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Holy Blog Batman!!!!!

So since I am so so very behind on my blogging this post includes a massive massive massive amount of pictures. So I will just comment on the pictures and you can skim till you get bored :)
Shortly after Jason got home from selling for the summer we took a walk around the greenbelt as a family and had lots of fun climbing on the rocks and just goofing around.
My pretty lame attempts at being a photographer with my cheap-o camera :)
What my kids do when I attempt to get them to smile for the camera
My beautiful little boy
My wonderful family!
She is growing up so fast!
What my little sisters do when they are at my house and bored! Thanks Lizzie and Rachel!! We love it when you come over and are glad you like to so much :)
Dressed up like daddy!
What can I say.......ask Liz and Rachel! They can explain :)
He had a lot of hair
So I had my first fun in the ER after Lucas connected with one of Jason's big metal hand held weights. (fort building and weights don't mix). We spent 3 hours in the ER and came out with 2 staples. Fun Fun Fun.
Thanks Grandpa Pymm for letting us have one of your HUGE pumpkins! We enjoyed it while it lasted.......RIP pumpkin Joe whose guts littered our street sometime after 9:30 pm on Oct. 30th :oP
He was approximately 70 ish pounds and I hope the kid who smashed him has had serious back pain for making my kids cry :) jk but i bet he was a booger to get to the street
The results of hacking through 5 inches of pumpkin hide :)
eeeeewwwwwww it looks like a jellyfish mom!!!!
Beautiful Barbie's Lizzie and Cami! Thanks for letting me do your makeup you 2 babes!!!
Yoda and Facebook, and yes I stole this from the Office.
Yoda very excited for trick or treating! I think he has a new favorite holiday!! He LOVED it!! He was practically running from door to door till his bucket got so heavy he had to drag it, but that didn't slow him down..... much
I have to say that I am extremely proud of how Evie's fairy costume turned out! I made the tulle skirt and bejeweled everything else including her face and hair!
She was also very patient and let me give her rainbow eyes!! :)
Her biggest toothless jack o lantern smile!
And last but not least we had so much fun spending time with family
Happy Halloween!!!

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Celeste said...

Soo cute! And wow to your makeup skills!! Geez Louise!