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Friday, July 17, 2009

Boys......Need I Say More?

This last week we had the sales reps from Jacksonville FL combine with our office. They just so happened to bring with them........wives and children!!!!!! HOORAY!!! Friends!!!! It has been such a great week! The kids have made some fun friends and I did not realize how much I missed adult interaction and conversation!!! Heaven on earth I tell you what!!!!
So here is my memorable moment for the year....... and just for fun I am going to tell this in story format, so here goes........
Dread filled my heart! Lucas had a bright yellow soft air gun pellet shoved deep in his ear canal. I didn't know what to do! My friend Kirsten handed me some tweezers. "Work!" I prayed, " Please please please work!!" Nothing! The pellet was the exact size of his ear canal and I was only pushing it deeper! Kirsten handed me a baby snot sucker. Maybe I could suck it out. Nope. ARG! I was getting flustered! What was I going to do?! We didn't have insurance! I couldn't take him to the ER! To expensive! I would have to figure something else out. I frantically called my mom! "What do I do?!" " I don't know! Let me know how it turns out!" Thanks mom! :os I head to WalGreens where they have a clinic where they do shots and general health checks. Evie says a prayer on the way and I call Jason's dad. If anyone can give a good creative solution, it is him! "Man I wish you were here! I love a challenge! Try hydrogen peroxide. Maybe it will bubble up behind and push it out." " Great idea! I will try that if the doctor can't pull it out! It is really sealed in there though! I don't know if it would be able to get behind!" He mentionssomething about a straw but I am concentrating on getting Lucas checked in and keeping his little fingers out of his ear so I am not paying much attention " Ha ha yeah! Maybe I could just suck it out with a straw!" Half joking cause I didn't hear what he really said. "That might work! Try it if the hydrogen peroxide doesn't work!" " Thanks! I will call you if I need more ideas!"
The doctor at Walgreens is no help and doesn't charge me. Good and bad!! Back to the car. On the way home what I said jokingly about sucking it out with a straw keeps tickling the back of my mind. What if.....could that possibly work?! Home at last, I check my utensil drawer. One last yellow bendy straw. I grab the hydrogen peroxide, just in case. Turn on a movie for child distraction, lay him on the couch put the straw in and suck. No suction! Moving it around a little and pulling his ear open a little more I try again......better! I actually get some suction. I suck for about 5 seconds and look in. Its closer to the surface! Again! and again!!! Ta Da!!! All of the sudden its out!! Say a thank you prayer!! and cry! I ask Lucas, " Are you ever ever going to put ANYTHING in your ears ever again?!" and his eyes get big and he shakes his head "No mommy!".
The End!!
Thank heavens for the blessing of the Holy Ghost!! I NEVER ever would have come up with an idea like that on my own!

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Chelsea said...

My friend's boy used to stick Tic Tacs in his ear. I am glad you got it out!!!! It just goes to show that Heavenly Father is always watching out for us!