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Thursday, June 5, 2008


YAY!! I finally got some pictures!!! Here is just a little montage of our trip and some of our stay here so far, unfortunately not necessarily in that order :)
Lucas kickin it watchin a movie at one of the many hotels we camped at along the way.
Evie by a tree at one of the half million gas stations we stopped at along the way. Her classic thing was 5 minutes after we'd stopped and then got going again she would have to go potty.
Lucas stretching his legs after many long hours in the car.
Our favorite place here at our new home. Where we spend about 80% of our time :)
Evie loves to just lounge in the pool in her floatie.
Our first Sunday going to our new ward, the Manchester Ward in the Chesterfield Stake. Great ward!
Evie in her swim suit on the patio.
Evie in her swim suit showing off her purple tongue in the bathroom.
Just in case you couldn't tell Evie wears her swim suit all day every day :)
Lucas kickin it with his Cars, don't ya just love that goofy little grin :)
Evie loves beets and gets the leftovers when we make her favorite pink soup (Russian borsch)
Another goofy grin, more Cars and he loves being outside!!

The kids doing what they do best on long roadtrips! Lucas even saves his fries for later, he had quite a grip on that thing even while sleeping.
Cool dude!

Evie loves her atlas and is a big help in finding the way, she has already informed her grandparents how to get here turn by turn :)


Bri, Steff, and Jax said...

You guys look like your having a blast! Maybe one of these summers we'll be able to come with you! I can't believe how grown up both Lucas and Evie look! I miss them so much! Are you sure you want to move to Idaho? Aly is looking to buy a home in Lehi, we could all move to Lehi together!

Aly said...

Yes yes! Lets all move to Lehi together! Please?
We miss you guys!