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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rain rain go away.....

Well we are still in Virginia, it is still raining and yesterday we spent and hour and a half lost in Richmond. Actually it is a lot better than I am making it sound. Our office is off and running and everyone seems to be doing very well. It should be a productive summer. We took a trip into old Richmond which is beautiful, we did get lost and luckily found ourselves again but it was actually fun to just drive around, there are all sorts of cool buildings and tons of random monuments for this or that and it was cool to look at them all. We were looking for a park to play at and never actually made it that far. So Evie said a funny thing the other day, she was watching a guy mow the big grassy area behind our apartment. He had the cool kind of riding lawn mower where you stand on a platform on the back and drive rather than sitting and Evie turned to me and said, "Mom that is so so cool! i want a moron like that someday!!" i think she was actually saying a mower-on or something to that effect i laughed so hard!!!!! So we knew we might have issues with Lucas when we bought him Lightning McQueen slippers for Christmas and he wouldn't take them off for like a month (not even for bed) but that is nothing compared to what we have gone through since we bought him Disney Cars matchbox cars. He freaks out if we try to go or do anything without Lightning, Chick and the King. 1 or 2 is not good enough its all or screaming bloody murder!! Bed, baths, walks, the kid is obsessed! Plus he asks to watch the movie everytime I walk close to the computer! Any helpful tips on obsession would be most welcome!  

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Your kids are getting so big and as always SOOOOO cute!