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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zoo Adventures!

We got a 1 year membership to the Nashville Zoo the other day and were super excited to try it out! I don't think we were even able to see half of what they had to offer but thats why it was worth it to get the membership! We get to spend the day outside, let the kids run around, see all sorts of cool things, and i get exercise all in one! There is no downside! Anyways as we were walking around Lucas was naming all of the animals based on a few of his favorite movies! see if you can guess before you look what he named each animal :)
these cute little lemurs were bestowed the name of king julian by lucas or as he first said" mom!! its the move it move it guy!"
Evie was in charge of the map and making sure we got where we intended to go! she loves maps and insists on having one while we travel too :) While we were here Evie found a little green inch worm, made it her own and named him Jack and played with him he rest of the time we were there. She said he was her favorite animal she saw at the zoo! what a crazy!
Melman melman melman! (sing song voice if you please :))
Its Marty! and i dunno who else that long necked guy is (everyone/thing is a guy to him, his classic question is "mom whats that guys name" even if he's pointing at a picture of a girl :)
the zoo just brought in 2 white tiger cubs! they were so pretty and it was fun to watch them play! presenting bonwa and taboo! (those are their real names not lucas names)
And last but certainly not least, sorry you can't see him very good, its his absolute favorite!!!
MASTER SHIFU! yes he is a red panda Jason!
My favorite were these hyacinth macaws! they were the most brilliant blue!
lucas loved the aviary! he almost got bit a few times! :) he loved being up close and personal with the birds!
pretty bird!
Lucas thought the duck asleep with his head under his wing was hilarious and tried everything he could think of to wake the poor guy up. No success the guy just wouldn't let him ruffle his feathers (ha ha) and it is hard to sleep through Lucas believe me!
Last thing is 2 videos that i took. The first is a video of the tiger cubs playing. a little background, there were 2 fences in front of us, the one you see and on about 5 feet away right in front of us. my teeny little super guy found a miniscule hole in the fence and slipped through and was headed up to get a closer look, which is why i am screeching at him at the end of the video :) 
The second video is of some amazing monkeying around! this guy was so fun to watch!

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