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Saturday, March 28, 2009

ITS A.........New Post!!!! Yay!!!!

It feels like years since I posted last! Probably because so much has happened! We are finally moved in to the condo of our dreams :) ok maybe not but it took long enough that right now i feel like i could happily live here forever! Happy Valentines Day to me! that was the day we moved in and it was the best present i could have gotten! It took almost 2 months and a great real estate agent who would not let our loan die! they resurrected it 3 times! it has been a huge blessing! all of our stuff is finally in one place and out of my parents cellar!! hip hip hooray! we are enjoying being so close to family and so close to everything that idaho falls has to offer :) haha. the kids are growing up so fast and its fun when they beg to go to grandma's! i am surprised they aren't sick of it cause of how long we lived there :) So i am just going to leave it at that and post a bunch of pics. anyways yeah....

Evie Lucas and Daddy

Always the BIG Cheese

Sweet Princess Smile (can you tell she loves to dress herself and do her own hair? :))

Sledding with Lizzie and Rachel at Grandma's

Evie and Rozie 

Lucas and Spencer

Lucas loves to skype with BJ's fiancee Renee (she is in Canada staying with her mom)


Lauren said...

I'm so glad you updated. Everybody is growing up so fast!

E/S MILLER said...

Janene, so good to read your post again. Isn't it wonderful to have your OWN new home to decorate. How blessed you are to get a new home this early in your married life! You guys do SO well. Jason is really the man. He takes such good care of you all. The children are GROWING!! See you soon! Love Elder and Sister Miller (alias G-ma and G-pa)