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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Shari came down last weekend to try knocking for the first time (she has signed on in our office as a Pinnacle sales girl in Richmond VA this summer) and we had a blast having her here! It will be fun to have her live with us this summer. Marianne was so much fun last summer. While she was here she and Evie were goofing around and had a grand ole time doing this...

Evie loves to have a good excuse to make silly faces at the camera. :) and she loves to go cross eyed.
I am going to CHICAGO this week!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!! I get to chaperone for the Bonnevaires (Shari and Rozie's high school choir) Tour. I am way excited. We get to go see Wicked and the Blue Man Group. And do alot of other touristy things like the Sears Tower. AAAAHHH!! I am so so so so so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just in case it wasn't completely evident. This month is going to be a super crazy busy one!! This week I go to Chicago, Jason goes to Indiana, the kids go to Grandma's. As soon as we get back we pack like crazy for 2 days straight, haul all our stuff up to Idaho to store at my parents and then on the 21st we head off to our newest adventure in summer sales in Richmond VA. We will see if I make it through the month :)


Celeste said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I thought my life was busy! Good night! I am so excited for you to go to Chicago! That is going to be so nice to have a break and be with your sisters! I love Evie's funny faces, she is such a cool chic. Rad hair, too.

E/S MILLER said...

good luck with all that is going on in your life. Be sure to leave time to breath. Evies hair is so cool. that will be so fun to go with your sisters to Chicago. We know you will keep them out of trouble.

Bri and Steff said...

That is awesome that you guys are going to VA! Bri is very jealous! That's where he served his mission! I wish we could come out and visit you! Bri would love to visit some of his friends there! Have fun and be safe!