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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Since I didn't have this blog when we did this I am going to do a blog about Evie and Lucas's first haircuts! When I went in initially it was because Lucas's hair looked like this
When we got there (we lived in Cali at the time) the salon was so cute! It had cars for seats with little tv's in front of each one so that the kids would hold still with their heads perfectly positioned so the stylist wasn't going crazy with how they were moving their heads. So we got Lucas all settled in to get his hair cut when Evie decided that it looked like so much fun that she begged to get her hair cut too! So I gave in fairly easily and voila- 
The Results are In!

They both look so adorable!! :)

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Bri and Steff said...

Such cute kids! I love claiming that I'm related to them! Is Lucas turning 2 this summer? I can't believe how fast time goes! Love you guys!