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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feels like FOREVER!!!

So we have been in Idaho for almost 2 weeks and will be here another week and it already feels like FOREVER!!! I am very ready to go home but I am watching my brothers and sisters while my parents are in Texas this week. It has been fun but very long. This weekend we get to spend the weekend down in St George as a family which will be fun because Jason has been out of town a lot the past few weeks and it will be good to just be with him!!! EVIE TURNED 4!!!!!! I cannot believe I have a 4 year old! She wanted a Star Wars birthday so I made her a cake. It turned out pretty well and I will try to post some pictures as soon as I can figure out how to get pictures off my sister's camera. arg. She was so much fun! We went in to the bedroom where we stay at my parents, early in the morning before all my siblings and my dad had to be off to school, with a big bowl of Marshmallow Mateys with a candle in them and woke her up to the happy birthday song and breakfast in bed (family tradition). Then we all had breakfast together and gave her a few pillowcase wrapped presents (another family tradition, saves on wrapping paper :)). She was so excited. I cannot believe how she has grown, she is so big and grown up! She has also done a few really cute funny things while we have been here. I.E. she was sitting up to the table with my sister Marianne and they were talking about brothers and sisters. Evie asked if my sister Shari was Marianne's sister and Marianne said no she was an orphan and Evie just said oh yeah she's from orph! i mean what 4 year old thinks of that??!! lucas is just getting into the monster hug stage where he throws his little arms around your neck and just squeezes!!! I love it it is so so cute. He is a totally different breed than Evie but they are still so the same in so many ways! It is so fun to watch them develop their very own little personalities! I love it! Evie has always been a big daddy's girl, he is usually who he wants when she gets hurt etc.. but Lucas is the exact opposite and 99.9 % of the time I absolutely LOVE it!! just the other .1 percent of when I am trying to do something that requires 2 hands or am needing to go somewhere that it makes it hard! He is so incredibly patient with his 2 aunts ages 8 and 10 who think that every 5 seconds they need to pick him up and haul him around, but it has been kind of funny the past few days I think he has decided he has had enough "in your face" time and every time they even walk in the room he runs for me yelling NO!!!! MOMMY!!!! NO!!! even if they are not even headed his direction! He makes me laugh. He also has developed this pouty face that he will make on command where he knits his eyebrows together and lowers his head so his grumpy eyes are looking up at you from under his brows and sticks out his lower lip! it is hilarious! the first time he made it was when Jason was flossing his teeth so he thought he needed to also and when Jason couldn't find his flossers he came slumping into the living room with that face and I just cracked up so now he thinks it is pretty funny! Well it is late and I am sick :p so i need to go to bed!!!!

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Celeste said...

orph? are you serious? She is such a genius/crazy kid! I love that great description of Lukie's face,too! Man, that is a long time to be there, huh? Good luck this last week, geez you could have rented your apartment out almost. Just kiddin, I hope you are having fun, give all those crazy kids up there loves from me, k? Let's get together when you get back from St. George. Love ya, Celeste