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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hopefully a regular thing

I am the absolute worst at journal writing so hopefully this will help me to be more regular at keeping up with life in the Anderson home. right now we are living in Provo, if you can call it that :) we actually rent an apartment here but spend about every 2 weeks in Idaho lately. Jason is managing an office for Pinnacle Security this summer in Orange County California and is working hard recruiting anywhere and everywhere to finish filling his office. it seems like as of late all the kids and i are is sick :) lucas just finished getting over rsv and i think he is just determined to get as much out of the way before he is 1 as possible, we have already gotten through rsv, whooping cough, bronchitis, and a few other little maladies so we are well on our way. evie just loves life, she is big into why everything is what it is and how it got that way. she and jason went over to the byu earth-science museum last week and were looking at the cephalopods (shelly crab type squid things) and she asked jason what they turned into, and after jason's lack of explanation her face lit up and she said, " i know, cephalopods turn into ipods!!"
we have loved having brock and jordan live down here and we love to have them come hang out. the other night they were kind enough to come watch our kids while we took a much needed date. evie absolutely loves them to death and asks constantly if we will call them to come over. we feel bad about bugging them to much but love it when they can come "play"
we went up to idaho this last weekend to celebrate hyrum's 4th birthday with our families. we had a get together at jasons grandma's house and momand dad were able to come down with most of the kids. it was really nice, we went out and decorated his grave a little bit, jasons mom got some cute nice things (she is the most thoughtful lady ever!!) and then at grandmas we had cake and ice cream and had the kids take balloons outside to send up to hyrum. it is still so crazy to me that it has been 4 years already, sometimes it seems like yesterday.

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